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Crosswinds Foundation for Faith and Culture is behind this project. 

Crosswinds released a documentary in 2014 aimed at helping military personnel who were suffering mental and emotional trauma (PTSD) as a result of their time in service. This film, Invisible Scars, quickly gained a wide grassroots following. DVDs of the film were passed from person to person, and— through generous donors— were provided free to veterans and their families. This method of distribution created a relational connection between the organization, government agencies, service providers, and current and former warriors.

It was determined that a follow-up documentary was needed. And, in 2016 Crosswinds released Honoring the Code, a film addressing issues of Moral Injury (MI) and survivor’s guilt.

Centers of Hope is the result of the Invisible Scars and Honoring the Code film projects. The films created conversations, and the conversations facilitated relationships, which made it apparent that a space was needed to take those conversations deeper— a space where warriors could receive the resources they need and be redeployed to their next mission— a mission they could carry out now that they’re home.

The book was created for group interaction, but the content is great for self-study. 

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We encourage leaders to attend a center before leading one- just to see how they work.

We are currently developing a leader's guide, as well as other training materials to empower you to lead.

The goal of Centers of Hope is two-fold:

  1. To empower veterans to find healing from their past deployment-experience.
  2. To equip them to identify their next mission, to live their purpose now that they’re home.

Twenty-two veterans per day die and their own hands. Many more suffer from PTSD, Moral Injury, and dealing with the upheaval associated with coming back home.


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