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Welcome to the Warrior Hope podcast

We'll help you heal from the past + identify the next (life) mission


Warrior Hope is a workbook to...

  • Encourage warriors to deal with wounds- often invisible scars- of past deployment, 
  • Equip them to live fully present in this moment, and
  • Empower them to step into their next mission- most often a mission for life and living


Warrior Hope = heal from the past + identify the next (life) mission

8.5 x 11, 230 pages


WARRIOR HOPE is the result of the INVISIBLE SCARS and HONORING THE CODE documentaries- created to implement the lessons we learned while filming


First, we'll define the objectives!

In the intro we're crystal clear about what we're trying to achieve- 

  • Find healing from the past
  • Find a new mission

Second, warriors are trained. 

And they have the best training in the world- training which imparts- 

  • Discipline
  • Perseverance
  • Teamwork 

But many of them need to be reminded that their training still works. And it works in every area of life.

Third, warriors know to the mission is ahead of you- not behind you.

In fact, that's part of the training- to move forward. 

And, you can't embrace your future while clinging to two handfuls of the past. So, we'll deal with past hurts, not allowing the to define who we are but to merely give us a starting point of moving into the next chapter of the story.

Fourth, if the past holds you back, you've got to cut the anchor!

That means we'll get raw- and deal with some of the tough stuff.


Moral Injury.

Survivor's Guilt.

All of the questions and doubts that linger...  we'll find out how to let the serve us rather than be ensnared by them.

Fifth, you remain that warrior- the one who is skilled, who knows how to move forward, and knows how to "frag" things on-the-fly!

So, we'll continue to look back at that training... and see what we've learned, what we can take as we move forward.

Uniform or not, you remain you. And the skills and abilities you have are transferrable to so many areas. 

Sixth, you're not alone.

The military not only provided you with a mission, it offered you camaraderie- a group of people who were equally trained, just as invested in the mission, and as committed to you as you were to them.

This is why we suggest warriors study the curriculum as part of a Center of Hope.


We do it all in 4 units, comprising 10 chapters


H = Healing

The first module in the Warrior Hope workbook = to find healing-- mentally, emotionally, and spiritually.

Turns out, they’re all important. And, they’re some of the most over-looked areas in our lives- because they’re not as quantifiable or “objective” as body parts and broken limbs.

But, in these areas we find our greatest capacity for healing, for wholeness, for self-discovery, and for walking in who we’re designed to be.

O = Opportunity

The second module in the Warrior Hope workbook = to find opportunity.

One of the guys who attended the pilot project for the first COH reminded us that he had a mission every day for 16 days. Then, all of the sudden, he’s out of the Army and he’s like, “What now?!”

Here’s a guy who’d been through BASIC, a warrior with an incredible skillset, a man who’d laid his life on the line over and over again and again and again... Yet he wasn’t sure what to do next.

He had the skills. He just needed someone to remind him, other warriors to stand near him, speak in a familiar voice, and call forth that greatness that was already in him. That’s one of the things we do.

P = Peace

The third module in the Warrior Hope workbook = to find peace.

A lot of warriors go create peace in places where it doesn’t exist. Yet, when they return- even though there are signs of external peace- there are internal struggles. It’s almost like many of them take the burden of the war OUTSIDE, calm that storm, but then take in on themselves.

So, another facet of the Warrior Hope curriculum = helping warriors find peace within.


E = Empowerment

The fourth- and final- module in the Warrior Hope curriculum is E = Empowerment.

That is, life isn’t just about overcoming the wounds of the past- about burying the hatchet of things that have wounded us.

No, life is about moving into a better future. About living the next chapter. About taking the training and experience and lessons we’ve learned along the way and LAUNCHING to a new mission, ANOTHER task, A NEXT calling…

Healing + Opportunity + Peace + Empowerment

If you feel like it's time to take charge of your own journey towards health + healing in this area, 

Or if you know of someone you'd like to bless with better information that can inspire them and give them tools to move forward, 

And if you're looking for some step-by-step processes backed by science, Scripture, and history...

Then you'll love getting access to tools that can help.

WARRIOR HOPE is a tool to encourage you to heal from the past, equip you to live fully present now, and empower you to define- and do- your next mission

8.5 x 11, 230 pages


Warrior Hope is the curriculum we use at Centers of Hope.

COH are regular meetings where warriors interact in a safe space. COH are based on the 10-chapter Warrior Hope curriculum, created in the wake o the Invisible Scars and Honoring the Code documentaries.